Seasonal Volunteer Program

Painting Volunteers

Weatherization in Fall and Winter

You can help low-income senior homeowners living in the City of Chicago; south of North Avenue prepare their homes for the harsh winter months by sealing their windows. It's easy and no experience is necessary. It is a great activity for friends, corporate groups, teen youth or athletic groups, or other small groups!

We provide the window kits that are easy to install plus the necessary tools and training. You and your friends provide the labor and transportation. The results are fewer drafty windows a warmer home for the senior. 

If you volunteer:

  • You will feel good because you're helping a senior, and the senior will feel good because they're getting help.
  • You and your friends will have fun.
  • You will know you have had a productive day.

We've got a lot of senior homeowners who have requested help weatherizing their homes and need more volunteers this year. Most groups volunteer on a Saturday but we can also schedule volunteers during the week. 

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Spring and Summer Painting

During the summer we need volunteer groups to assist senior homeowners living in the City of Chicago, south of North Avenue by painting rooms in their home. Most groups provide the materials but in some cases we can provide the paint. Groups of 5 to 10 are ideal. We also have experience with large groups who divide into small groups and paint several houses at the same time.