Intergenerational Housing

Intergenerational Housing

H.O.M.E. provides intergenerational housing in three buildings where seniors either live in private apartments or in Good Life Senior Residences

Intergenerational living is an innovative concept based upon the idea that the blending of families, students, and seniors in social living activities builds a community that enhances our understanding of one another. Our intergenerational homes provide a congenial environment for those who wish to connect and share with other generations on a daily basis. Learn more about our properties: Nathalie Salmon HousePat Crowley HouseBlackhawk Manor.

Having opportunities for peer companionship helps eliminate feelings of loneliness and isolation. Among the activities offered to residents are shopping trips, restaurant dining, art classes and periodic outings to museums and art galleries. In addition, the Housing staff assists residents with benefits and entitlements and coordinates referrals for other services. 

Our houses provide a warm environment that enriches the total quality of life for our residents. Resident Assistants who work approximately 20 hours per week in exchange for full room and board (including a private room, meals, electricity and some household supplies) play an important role in lives of our residents. 

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To subsidize our housing programs, H.O.M.E. depends on private donations, grants from foundations and gifts from corporations.

Elizabeth's Story: 

"I used to own my own house, you know.  I worked two jobs as a homemaker and a cashier to pay for it.  But then I had to make some repairs.  So I got a loan.  But I just couldn't keep up with the payments."  Shortly after losing her home, Elizabeth found herself in the hospital for an extended stay.  Upon her release, Elizabeth ended up in public housing in a tough Chicago neighborhood.  "At the old place, I was scared to leave my apartment.  I don't have to worry about that here [at Nathalie Salmon House]."

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