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Volunteering can help you achieve your New Year's Resolutions

Posted by Amber Martin on Jan 29, 2018 12:36:14 PM

Getting involved in your community is a common New Year's Resolution. But even if it's not on your list this year, vounteering can help you achieve some of your other goals. 

It's been nearly a month since New Year's Eve. Are you sticking to your resolutions for 2018? If not, you might want to think about volunteering to help you get back on track.

Even if volunteering wasn't on your list of goals for this year, here are four other common goals that volunteering can help with.

1. Learn Something New

intergenerational_konrad_myra.pngWhen you volunteer, you may learn a new skill or meet new people who can teach you something. You will certainly learn more about the people and organizations in your community. You may also learn something new about yourself. 

Volunteering with seniors gives you the unique opportunity to meet older adults who have had a lifetime of experiences that they are oftentimes more than willing to share with you. 

2. Stay active

Come May or June, do you think you'll still be hitting the gym every morning? If so, that's great! But if not, spending a day painting or doing yardwork for someone else is a good way to stay active while giving back. 

We're always looking for helpers to do a little yardwork or spring cleaning in our lisa_volunteer_cook_pch.jpgbuildings. Not only will it help keep our residents' living areas looking great, but it will help you get your steps in!

3. Eat well

Eating healthier might be one of the most popular resolutions. But it can be tough to stick to a diet. Planning and sharing a meal for others may push you to be more mindful of what you are preparing.

Being a Guest Chef is one of our most popular volunteer activities. We ask that you bring a meal that you might prepare for your family to serve to and share with 12 to 14 older adults. It's a lot of fun, and gives you a good reason to plan a healthy, tasty meal.

4. Spend more time with loved ones

Volunteer_Corps_Openings.jpgIf you are looking for ways to spend more time with your family and friends, there is no better way to do so than volunteering as a group. Instead of eating out (which can be expensive for a family outing) or going to a movie (which doesn't give you the opportunity to talk), getting together to give back is meaningful, low cost, and a great bonding activity.

We'd love to have you get involved at H.O.M.E. this year, and there are lots of different ways for you to do so! Check it out.

Volunteer at H.O.M.E.

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