Senior Moments from H.O.M.E.

Flowers for Seniors: A beautiful partnership in bloom

Posted by Brittany Norment on Oct 28, 2020 11:01:49 AM

If there’s one thing that is a widely agreed upon fact, it is that 2020 has been a stressful year for all of us. In an effort to alleviate this common stress and bring a smile to the face of our friends at H.O.M.E., one gloomy Tuesday in October our team set out on a mission with the help of Ashland Addison Florist Company

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Guest Blogger from Howard Brown Health shares resources for seniors

Posted by Kelly Rice on Aug 27, 2018 10:42:00 AM

Please welcome our guest blogger Kelly Rice of Howard Brown Health. Kelly is an expert in health and aging, and will be bringing evidence-based programming to H.O.M.E.'s residents this fall. Today she shares more about how such programs help older adults address chronic health conditions and increase overall wellness.

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Here's what we learned from community partners in June

Posted by Judy Smith on Jul 16, 2018 10:20:00 AM

The end of June was a busy time for us at H.O.M.E.  We were fortunate to host two great events with partners from the community.  Here's what we learned from our partners.

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This is what our Moving Program meant to Manuel

Posted by Amber Martin on Jul 9, 2018 9:15:00 AM

If you've ever moved, you know that it can be very stressful. Just imagine, then, that you are an older adult who lives on a fixed income and needs to move to a more affordable home with services that better meet your needs.
Where would you start? How would you afford movers? Who would be there to help you? That's what Manuel faced, and here's how donors like you helped him navigate the moving process.
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ENGAGEing in your own well being

Posted by Judy Smith on May 21, 2018 11:37:00 AM

This month, we celebrate Older American’s Month and encourage all of our community members to “Engage at Every Age” to enrich physical, mental, and emotional well-being at each stage of life.  Being active, participating in social activities, sharing wisdom with members of another generation, and taking steps to ensure mental and physical health are great examples of how to be engaged.  

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Tips to prevent falls with Loyola University Chicago nursing students

Posted by Tricia Mullin on Dec 11, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Today's guest blogger is Monica Dillon who is the director of the Loyola University Community Nursing Center*. Through the program, student nurses are connected with senior residents who live in our Intergenerational Housing program. She is sharing tips that were taught to seniors at Nathalie Salmon House as part of an evidence based program to help prevent falls.
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H.O.M.E. and Glenwood Sunday Market: Partnering to Increase Food Security for Seniors

Posted by Emily Frank on Jun 12, 2017 10:28:00 AM

This summer, H.O.M.E is partnering with Glenwood Sunday Market (GSM) for the fourth year in a row, which we are very excited about. In previous years, H.O.M.E. partnered with GSM to share information about who we are to market goers, along with accepting food donations from market goers.

Rather than solely attending the Farmers Market like in previous years, this year we were invited to partner with GSM's Community Shares Program.

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Celebrating 35 Years of H.O.M.E.!

Posted by Eftiola Trebicka on May 2, 2017 2:34:19 PM

Last week nearly 300 H.O.M.E. supporters came together to celebrate H.O.M.E.'s 35th Anniversary at our Annual Celebration Dinner!

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Giving Tuesday Impact Series: Providing essential services to seniors

Posted by Amber Martin on Nov 7, 2016 10:20:00 AM

Heiwa Terrace and H.O.M.E. partner to provide essential services to seniors. H.O.M.E.'s shopping bus takes older adults living at Heiwa Terrace to the grocery store where they can access fresh food, home supplies, and medications.

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UAW–Ford volunteers for seniors in Chicago at Nathalie Salmon House

Posted by Bruce Otto on Oct 3, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Throughout the year, H.O.M.E. welcomes volunteer groups and individuals for seasonal and ongoing projects as well as one-time volunteer opportunities.

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