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Springtime activities to promote health and independence

Posted by Amber Martin on Apr 4, 2016 9:56:06 AM

Untitled_design-1.jpgWhile the weather right now in Chicago suggests that it is still winter, the calendar says that it is spring. And since we are ready for the good things of the season - flowers, walks outdoors, and farmers markets - we are listening to the calendar this time.

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's Party!"

- Robin Williams

Springtime is a refreshing time of year that can be a new beginning. Perhaps in January you resolved to get a little more exercise or try a new hobby. These activities can be great for your physical and mental health, but it is sometimes hard to stay motivated in the midst of winter. Now that the temperatures are (or will be) getting warmer, it might be just the right time to re-commit to those resolutions. 

Particularly for seniors, it's important to stay active and engaged. Here are five springtime activities that promote health and independence:  

  1. Gardening: Going to the garden center can feel therapeutic with its lovely colors and scents. But getting outside on the next warm day to plant in your garden or on your balcony is even better! Not only is being in the sunshine health-promoting, but gardening is a good exercise.
  2. Walking: We all know that taking a walk is good for us. Next time, ask a friend to join you on nice days and double the positive impact - walking with others increases the health benefits of the exercise. 
  3. Visit a farmers market: Eating well is just as important as staying active. Soon, markets around the city will be selling fresh food and offering good company, too! It's fun to talk to the farmers who grew the food, and they can often offer recipes too - making cooking a healthy dinner that much more fun. 
  4. Spring cleaning: Not many people look forward to spring cleaning, but it's a task that can help you stay safe in your home. De-cluttering and sprucing up can reduce your risk of falls and other safety hazards. Enlist a loved one to help make the task a little easier.
  5. Attend community events: Check out your local library, community center, or park district. There are sure to be some activities going on now that spring is upon us. Try taking a class or attending author readings - you'll be learning something new, meeting new friends, and staying engaged in the community. 

We're looking forward to the weather catching up to the calendar so we can really jump into spring! Let us know what you are looking forward to in the comments, or on Facebook or Twitter.

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