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Resident Assistants at H.O.M.E.: Compassion Required

Posted by Brittany Norment on May 19, 2020 12:14:48 PM

As you may or may not know H.O.M.E. owns, manages, and maintains three residential buildings dedicated to intergenerational living, which enables low-income seniors to live in either individual apartments or shared living.

The innovative concept of Intergenerational living  is based on the idea that the blending of families, students, and seniors together in social living activities builds a community that enhances our understanding of one another. Our intergenerational homes provide a congenial environment for those who wish to connect and share with other generations on a daily basis. Having opportunities for peer companionship helps eliminate feelings of loneliness and isolation that is sometimes associated with the aging population.  

IMG_2077A resident assistant and senior on an outing to Garfield Park Observatory, pre-COVID19

In these uncertain times where social isolation is the norm, our intergenerational living model has continued to be successful, and integral to our unique program. The support we provide our seniors would not be possible if not for the dedication of our resident assistants. They are able to improve the quality of life for senior residents in a unique shared-living environment.

In exchange for their services resident assistants receive free room and board. Typically working 20-24 hours per week a few of the tasks required are cooking and serving meals, keeping house, running errands, engaging with our senior residents in meaningful ways and helping our community to run smoothly. 


The type of support that we provide our residents is what sets H.O.M.E apart. We have current openings for Resident Assistants and seek individuals who are compassionate, with outgoing personalities. If you or someone you know may be interested in living in and supporting an intentional intergenerational community we would love to hear from you

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There are many ways to get involved at H.O.M.E. to help seniors in Chicago. Find out more and join us in our mission today!

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