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Pro tips for seniors planning a move

Posted by Marnie Dawson on Jun 18, 2018 10:37:12 AM

Today's guest blogger is Marnie Dawson, SMM -c of Dawson Relocation Services. Marnie is a certified senior move manager, and trusted friend of H.O.M.E. Today she offers some of her pro-tips for seniors planning a move.

Marnie C1Moving from one home to other is never easy especially if you are downsizing to a smaller home. At times this process may feel overwhelming.

These are some tips to help make this process less stressful and more successful.

Start with a floorplan

A floorplan is one of the most important tools. You use it to map out the furniture placement. This will help you visualize your new home. It will also help you to know how much room you have in your closets and cabinets.

Gather your team

You will need a team to help you with this project. It is almost impossible to do this on your own. Family, friends and professionals are all potential resources to assist you.

Break the project into bite size pieces

Sorting and packing up an entire home can be overwhelming. It is much easier if you tackle the project one bite at a time. Pick one area and one task to do each day.

Move_2Acknowledge your emotions

Moving ignites so many emotions for people. For some, moving involves a new adventure and it is an exciting time. Others find the transition to be a challenge, especially if they are letting go of a place where they made family memories. This is a normal part of the process. Give yourself time to say goodbye.

Pack a move-day suitcase 

This bag should contain the items you will need for the first few days. Suggested items to include are your phone charger, a change of clothing, medications, important papers, checkbook, computer, keys, towels and toiletries.

Plan for the unpack and setup of your new home

After your move, you can feel exhausted and overwhelmed living in a sea of boxes. This transition is much easier if your bed is made, your clothes are hanging in your closet, and the things you love are out where you can see them.

Preparation and planning is the key to managing moving stress. Following these tips will put you on the road to successful move. 

Dawson Relocation Services specializes in assisting seniors and their families with all aspects of the relocation process.

H.O.M.E.'s Moving Program

Copy of Give 65 Graphic (1)H.O.M.E.'s Moving Program provides seniors moving within the City of Chicago with support during one of life’s most stressful experiences - moving from one home to another. 

For low-income seniors, a professional moving company can cost over twice their monthly income. Our sliding fee scale helps make moving affordable for low-income seniors.

This July, H.O.M.E. is participating in Give65 to raise funds for our Moving Program. Sign up for updates on how you can support seniors who are planning a move!

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