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Meet Our Fall Social  Work Intern Rebecca

Posted by Rebecca Cilluffo on Oct 23, 2019 10:15:00 AM

Hi! My name is Rebecca Cilluffo, and I am currently a senior at Hope College in Holland, Michigan.

RebeccaBecause of my commitment to faith, passion for service, and love for others, I am pursuing an undergraduate degree in social work. I am currently very undecided as to what I would like to do with that, but the Chicago Semester program has given me the opportunity to be an intern at H.O.M.E. this semester, allowing me to explore my interest in working with older adults.

Even though I have only been an intern at H.O.M.E. for a little over a month now, I am grateful for the residents that I’ve gotten to know and am excited to continue serving these residents during my time here. Both the Nathalie Salmon House and the Pat Crowley House are made up of such a special group of people that are helping and challenging me to develop professionally and personally. 

 As an organization, I appreciate that H.O.M.E. not only provides affordable housing for low-income older adults, but it also provides housing for young adults and families with children. Because of its unique emphasis on intergenerational living, I am interested to learn how this model compares to other apartment buildings and homes that house only older adults, particularly how each of the models serve to enhance the well-being of older adults and if one model is “better” than the other.

H.O.M.E. is such an appropriate name for this organization in that it is not just a place where the residents live, but a place that they can truly feel at home. It is so special to see how these residents who’ve had vastly different life experiences are able to live in community with one another and create a space in which all are accepted, included, and cared for. It’s been such a pleasure to be with them, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the semester!

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