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Highlights from Giving USA and why your support is important

Posted by Amber Martin on Jun 25, 2018 11:40:11 AM

Are you a donor? Do you give at the end of the year or attend events throughout the year? Are you a member of a monthly giving program, like H.O.M.E.’s Partners in Independence?

Do you ever wonder if you’re alone, and where other donors are giving?

You’re not alone!

Thanks_photoEach year, the Giving USA reports on the state of philanthropy in the United States. The report is researched and written by the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy.

Here are some highlights from the most recent report:

  • Giving in the US in 2017 topped the $400 billion mark for the first time, due in large part to several mega gifts from high net worth individuals and families.
  • Giving makes up a higher percentage of GDP than many other industries in the US, including agriculture, mining, and utilities.
  • Despite the growth of charitable giving, giving by individuals was 2% of total disposable income, which has remained relatively stable for decades. (In fact, other reports show that “the percentage of U.S. households making charitable donations has declined steadily in recent years, from about 67 percent in 2000 to 56.6 percent in 2015 — the latest year for which data is available.”)
  • Giving to all categories of organizations increased in 2017, but giving to foundations increased by the largest percentage.

For organizations like H.O.M.E. that rely on donations from individuals and foundations, the report is mostly good news.

Unfortunately, we also know that giving to senior causes has not increased in over 20 years.

Did you know that annually less than 2% of foundation funding goes to senior causes? 

It's a challenge to raise the funds needed to provide programs for seniors. That's why your donations to H.O.M.E. mean so much!

That’s also why the Home Instead Senior Care Foundation created the Give65 initiative.

We will be participating in Give65, a 65-hour online giving event to help nonprofit organizations specifically serving seniors. During Give65, you can support our one-of-a-kind Moving Program.

The Moving Program helps our clients navigate the stressful situation of relocating, often in a time of their life that is complicated by other major changes in their lives.

Will you join us?

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Our goal is to raise $10,000 for the Moving Program between July 10th and 12th. Donations of $10 or more can be made here, and you can start scheduling your donations for Give65 on July 1. 

Here's even better news: During the Give65 Event, the Home Instead Senior Care Foundation is offering opportunities for matching gifts up to $5,000. We are also competing for a $10,000 financial reward.

If we raise the most money or have the most donors we can win $10,000. So, your participation is very important.

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