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H.O.M.E. and Glenwood Sunday Market: Partnering to Increase Food Security for Seniors

Posted by Emily Frank on Jun 12, 2017 10:28:00 AM

This summer, H.O.M.E is partnering with Glenwood Sunday Market (GSM) for the fourth year in a row, which we are very excited about.Glenwood_Market_sign-566193-edited.jpg In previous years, H.O.M.E. partnered with GSM to share information about who we are to market goers, along with accepting food donations from market goers.

Rather than solely attending the Farmers Market like in previous years, this year we were invited to partner with GSM's Community Shares Program.

Community Shares has a twofold goal:

  • increase income for farmers through the upfront purchase of Community Supported Agriculture shares

  • increase access to fresh produce for people experiencing food insecurity through free distribution of the produce

The Community Shares Program does great things for our residents as it provides fresh and locally grown produce for them. This is awesome news since affordable, fresh and locally grown produce can be difficult for low-income seniors to access. H.O.M.E.'s partnership with GSM will go from June to October, during the outdoor market season.

This year GSM raised enough funds for the Community Shares Program to purchase food from Wild Beet Farm to donate to its Food Access Partners. Along with H.O.M.E., other partner organizations are food pantries, soup kitchens, meal centers and other organizations that have food distribution programs serving the hungry in the Rogers Park area. We are proud to be among a group that includes Between Friends, Food Not Bombs, Community Feast of United Church of Rogers Park, A Just Harvest and St. Ignatius Food Pantry. GSM will donate two CSA shares to H.O.M.E. each week, which we will pick up at the market. 

H.O.M.E. will use the produce to enhance the food prepared for seniors that live in our intergenerational housing. GSM has also agreed to include hearty recipes with the produce so that we can create tasty and filling meals!

The goal of this project is to combat food insecurity. Food insecurity is when individuals don't have a reliable access to a plentiful amount of affordable nutritious food.

Glenwood Sunday Market 7.13.14.jpg

Did you know that:

In 2015, 2.9 million (8%) households with seniors age 65 and older experienced food insecurity. More than 1.2 million (9%) households composed of seniors living alone experienced food insecurity.

At H.O.M.E., we're determined to decrease these numbers. We do so through two of our programs: Shopping Bus and Good Life Senior Residences.

It's opportunities like partnering with GSM that help our cause. H.O.M.E. is incredibly grateful that GSM has partnered with us for the past four years!  

Through Good Life Senior Residences, we provide housing for seniors that enables them to live independently but receive assistance when needed. There are two residencies: the Pat Crowley House, 1537 West Rosemont Avenue and the Nathalie Salmon House 7320 North Sheridan Road.

Seniors who live in Good Life Senior Residences are provided meals each day. We depend on donations to purchase nutritious food. The food donations from GSM ensure that we can provide quality, fresh produce to seniors while still being good stewards of our funds.

You can help decrease food insecurity and improve the lives of seniors at H.O.M.E. Consider making a gift today.

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Do you want to visit Glenwood Sunday Market? You'll find Glenwood Sunday Market on southbound Glenwood Avenue between Lunt and Morse Avenues next to the CTA Red Line Morse Stop. Open everyday, 9 am - 2 pm June 4 - October 29, rain or shine!

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