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Posted by Harumi Patzy on Aug 12, 2019 9:37:00 AM

I will forever treasure the memories I made at here at H.O.M.E. and wanted to share some of my reflections. My experience interning with H.O.M.E has been both positive and heartwarming.

Efty and Harumi

Throughout my internship, I was given several projects including working on graphics for H.O.M.E’s website, social media posts, blog posts, videos, and some other office related work. Even though many of the projects that I worked on were individually assigned, I was still able to collaborate with my co-workers and receive feedback. I enjoyed all of the projects I was assigned because I knew that my creativity was being used to better someone's life.

The focus of my internship was on marketing,  communications, and graphic design. I have grown and developed new skills through the guidance of my supervisor, Efty, and I am forever grateful for her honesty, patience, understanding, and commitment during my time at H.O.M.E. I was fortunate to intern with H.O.M.E while they were preparing for an online fundraiser, this gave me the chance to use the design skills that I learned in college and apply them to a work setting. 

I also learned new marketing skills specific to nonprofit organizations and have been able to experience what it’s like to work in a semi-informal, yet professional setting, which I believe allowed my creativity to flourish.

Mary Anne and Harumi Community Night

Throughout my internship at H.O.M.E I had the honor of getting to know and developing friendships with our residents. One resident named Mary Anne is a fun and charismatic woman, whom I admire because of her positive take on life. After listening to her talk about her past experiences one day I asked her, "are you now happy?" Mary Anne responded with the utmost confidence, "I have always been happy." Regardless of what life throws at her, Mary Anne does not let it get to her and I hope to be as energetic and as fun as she is.

I have had the pleasure of working with amazing, dedicated staff and have had the honor of meeting the residents who live in the housing provided by H.O.M.E. With every interaction I have had with either my co-workers or one of the residents, I have seen how H.O.M. E. has this way of bringing different people together regardless of age, race, and gender. It is a place deserving of its name. H.O.M.E. and it is an organization that builds community and opportunities.

Thanks, Harumi, for spending the summer with us! You'll always be a part of the H.O.M.E. family!

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