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Follower favorites: a (Facebook) year in review

Posted by Amber Martin on Jan 9, 2017 9:59:19 AM

10331193796_a2e6e18c6a-1.jpgOur parents taught us that sharing with friends is polite. What's more, we love to share the good and interesting things we see happening around us. 

On our Facebook page, we share articles that inform and inspire us, photos and news from H.O.M.E., and much more. Below are some of our most popular posts from 2016.

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Top 5 photos from 2016:

1. Thanks to Giving Tuesday donors for helping put Bruce in a wacky suit and wig in December!

2. In April, our Annual Celebration Dinner was a big success!

3. In February, you helped us thank our staff and caregivers who work with seniors.

4. In May, we were honored at the Fourth Annual Make It Better Foundation Philanthropy Awards.

5. In August, our Young Professionals Board hosted a game night at Nathalie Salmon House.


Most popular links from 2016:

From news in the aging field to news from H.O.M.E., here's what you found interesting this year: 

1. Ageing: The bigger picture 

2. World Horizon Volunteers feel at H.O.M.E. 

3. Meet the 29-Year-Old Disruptor Turning the Senior Care Industry on Its Head 

4. Field of Aging Blooms at the 2016 American Society on Aging Conference 

5. Celebrating National Social Work Month

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