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Connecting generations through art

Posted by Nikki Moustafa on Mar 19, 2018 10:02:00 AM

intergenerational_konrad_myra.pngDuring my time as Good Life Coordinator at Nathalie Salmon House, I have learned that there are so many ways to connect generations. I have bonded with residents at museums, picnics, during nature walks, constructing one of our many puzzles, or just sharing a meal together.

Art is such a great facilitator for connection; you can meet people where they are from skill level, cognitive or physical abilities, or age. Recently at Nathalie Salmon House, a Resident Assistant held an intergenerational “connecting through art” event through Masjid Al-Rabia, a mosque in Chicago that celebrates women and marginalized Muslims and allies.

connecting through art event-534413-edited.jpgMy husband Ismael, our twin daughters Adelaide and Isabella, and I attended the art event to support this local mosque and to have some quality time together. I watched as my husband and kids colored, cut, glued and created two very beautiful collage “A” and “B” (for Addy and Bella of course!) that will be used to create a banner for Masjid Al-Rabia's community programming.

Later in the week senior residents from Good Life Senior Residences and our social work intern headed out to the Veterans Art Museum in Chicago. It was another great opportunity to connect through art by experiencing it together. We saw so many interesting pieces and had great discussions about what the artists were trying to say.

veterans art museum seniors coordinators intern intergenerational-223054-edited.jpg

Looking to engage with different generations your own way? Come volunteer with H.O.M.E.! The seniors at the Good Life are always happy to see a new face – we love movies, bingo, games, puzzles, art projects, and most of all – food!

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