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Celebrate our impact: More than independence

Posted by Amber Martin on Mar 20, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Sometimes the impact we have goes way beyond the services we provide. Sometimes the impact is intangible. These are things that are hard to measure. But they are so important.

photos.jpgOur Upkeep & Repair program ensures that senior homeowners have access to affordable services so that their homes are safe. The repairs we make prevent falls, environmental hazards like mold, and fires. The repairs decrease health and safety risks in the home. In essence, our program is one of prevention.

It’s hard to quantify prevention.

In our Good Life Senior Residences program, staff members conduct wellness checks for seniors who live with us. Residents eat together, develop friendships with people of all ages who live in our intergenerational housing, and they visit museums and go to movies with one another.

Our Shopping Bus program provides seniors with transportation to the grocery store. But it does more than that.

It helps seniors who have difficulty getting out of the house because of mobility limitations or lack of access to transportation to continue to provide food for themselves – they can still choose what groceries they want to buy and what to prepare for themselves, without having to rely on someone else to do it. The service enables seniors to remain part of the community, whether it’s among other riders, with the stores they frequent, or with our driver.

bus_rider.jpgOne rider said of our driver, ““There are a lot of ways I could get to the grocery store but that is all I get—a ride. Ernest cares about us.”

It’s hard to quantify social inclusion.

In our Upkeep & Repair program, our Home Repair specialists not only fix the problem that they were called in for: they also notice if there are additional health and safety hazards in the house that they can repair, are trained to spot and report abuse and neglect, and check smoke detectors.

In all of our programs for seniors, we bring a person-centered approach to our work—we meet seniors where they are and deliver our services in a way that satisfies not only the needs that they initially come to us with but also offer to find resources to fulfill other needs that they have.

In short, our staff shows kindness and that they care.

It’s absolutely hard to quantify care and kindness. But in so many ways, that’s what matters most. And that also brings great value to our communities.

Intergenerational_Housing.jpgWe say this a lot, “H.O.M.E. helps seniors maintain their independence.” Independence is important to seniors. If a senior is able to live independently with supports that they need and in an environment that is safe, they are can avoid major health problems, hospital visits, and expensive nursing home care.

For 35 years, H.O.M.E. has helped low-income seniors maintain their independence, and so much more. In just over a month, we will celebrate our impact on thousands of seniors in Chicago and share our vision for the future. Will you join us?

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