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Amid Illinois budget impasse seniors continue to suffer

Posted by Amber Martin on Mar 13, 2017 10:31:00 AM

Here in Illinois, the budget impasse continues.

Across the country programs that aim to help seniors maintain their independence are seeing cuts in their funding sources. This San Diego Meals on Wheels is taking steps to build partnerships with healthcare organizations so that they can gain access to more funding.

But, like all senior serving organizations, funding is not keeping pace with the need.

Christine.jpgHere in Illinois, too, elders are losing services. Amid the state budget crisis and federal budget changes, human services are being negatively affected. And it’s leaving people suffering.

The cost of human suffering is not just emotional, it’s financially expensive.

Instead of making drastic cuts to programs like the Community Care Program and Intensive Case Advocacy and Support for Self-Neglecting Seniors (ICAS), we would hope that budget offices would look at how these programs help seniors avoid costly hospital visits and long term care. For low-income seniors, the burden of these costs often falls to the state.

Safe, affordable housing for seniors is yet another investment that would help to reduce healthcare costs. There is a strong link between stable housing and health, particularly for seniors.

In December, we shared Loretta’s story. Loretta has lived at Blackhawk Manor, one of our intergenerational houses, for nearly three years. Prior to living with us, Loretta was a frequent visitor to the hospital. Since residing in our safe, affordable housing, her breathing problems have improved and she hasn’t needed to go to the hospital since she first moved in. We encourage you to read her full story here.

We at H.O.M.E. think that it’s important to invest in ways that we can work together to improve the lives of seniors and people living on low-incomes. We also believe that programs that prevent and alleviate healthcare needs are not only more cost effective but help people live their best lives.

That is what builds healthy communities.

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