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All-Star Seniors Week: Here's to the Fans!

Posted by Eftiola Trebicka on Jul 12, 2016 4:07:52 PM


As Major League Baseball gets ready for its All-Star Game tonight we celebrate the occasion by recognizing some All-Star Seniors. 

I worked a part time job at Wrigley Field for two seasons. During that time I got to witness the Cubs celebrate the 100th birthday of Wrigley Field and last year I watched the Cubs make it to the playoffs. While these moments were fantastic, seeing the games was not my favorite part of the job.

My favorite part of working at Wrigley was talking to older fans, many of whom have been season ticket holders for years and years and are life-long fans. Hearing their stories about watching former players play and hearing their skeptical-excitement about the team's future always made my day. 

I also loved watching life-long fans get the opportunity to step onto the field to deliver the game ball. It's always such an exciting and touching thing to watch. Last week the Manager of the Toronto Blue Jays John Gibbons gave 103-year old Kitty Cohen the opportunity to make her dreams come true and run the bases at Rogers Centre.  You can't not smile while you watch her run the bases. 

As you may know, here at H.O.M.E we love intergenerational relationships, and there is no doubt that baseball can help foster some of those relationships.

So, here's to fans like Kitty and other life-long baseball fans that pass down their love for the sport to us younger fans. They not only teach us a thing or two about history and the game itself, but they also help us appreciate the sport more. And in the case of the Cubs Fans, they teach us patience and loyalty. But mostly patience. 

Do you know a fan who has loved baseball their whole lives? Tell us about them!

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In honor of the All-Star Game we will be highlighting an all-star seniors every day this week on our blog and on social media! These seniors are retired or "senior" athletes and inspirational older adults who we can learn a thing or two from. Stay tuned! 

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