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All Grandpa Wants for the Holidays Is...

Posted by Janet Takehara on Dec 14, 2015 10:00:00 AM


‘Tis the season when I miss my parents most. Every recommended holiday gift for golfers reminds me of my dad and anything related to Jane Austin would be a perfect gift for my mom. In their honor, here are some great ideas for grandparents and other elders. 

Life as Mama offers 10 DIY gift ideas that any grandparent would love. I never lived near my grandparents, so I particularly like #1 – “Send a Hug”. SendAHugTeaser2-578x898.png

Time Goes By suggests that trendy grandparents will love adult coloring books. Oprah even features one on her website. Give Grandma or Grandpa a coloring book and colored pencils or crayons and they can have their own intergenerational art party with the grandkids. 

Another great idea from Time Goes By is taxi vouchers for non-driving elders. I can imagine grandparents using these practical gifts to visit grandchildren or take them on outings. 

Lumosity is a web-based brain training program developed by neuroscientists, and (speaking from personal experience) the games are both fun and challenging. A grandparent who enjoys brainteasers and puzzles might appreciate a gift subscription. 

A Place for Mom suggests an iPod loaded with the elder’s favorite music, and the wonderful film Alive Inside illuminates “music’s capacity to…uncover the deepest parts of our humanity.” I like the idea of a grandchild and grandparent working together to fill the iPod and introducing each other to their favorite tunes.

Finally, if you are looking for a gift for someone who is hard to shop for, consider giving a very meaningful gift this year: Honor your grandparents or another senior in your life with a gift to H.O.M.E. this holiday season.

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