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8 Things We Want Our Volunteers to Know

Posted by Michael Laz on Dec 12, 2016 11:19:13 AM

Ever thought of volunteering (or volunteering again) for H.O.M.E.? Want to get involved, but don't know where to start?

One great way to start is to go to our website to explore ways to get involved and then fill out the form to get more information. If you are still wondering what to do next, here are 8 things we want our volunteers to know:

volunteer.jpeg1. We love to hear your ideas for activities! Have a talent, a passion, a hobby or skill you could share with our seniors? Let us know! Sure, we have a list of “regular” volunteer opportunities, but we are happy to help you bring your interests to our clients

2. We cannot always accommodate last-minute requests to volunteer. Advance notice and planning help us to facilitate the most positive volunteer experience possible for both you and our seniors. Please do not wait until the day before a holiday, or the day before the weekend you are available, to reach out to us.

3. Your volunteer time makes a real impact on H.O.M.E.’s clients, whether you see that impact immediately or not! The proof is in these comments from some of our seniors:

  • “The attic was painted by the H.O.M.E. volunteers and it is prettier and cleaner than it has ever been. I use the attic as my guest room. I'm no longer ashamed.”
  • “Wendy, a guest chef, is a great cook.”
  • “My home is much warmer and I saved on my heating bill [since H.O.M.E. volunteers weatherized my windows].”

UofM1.jpg4. It’s okay to have a smaller group than you originally hoped. If your group “shrinks” before your scheduled activity with us, don’t cancel! Just let us know and we will make it work.

5. Appearances can be deceiving! The condition of low-income seniors’ homes varies widely and is not a good barometer of the assistance an individual senior may need. Your donated time may help a senior living in a well-kept home to keep it that way!

6. And other appearances can be deceiving, too! The presence of other adult residents in a senior’s home does not guarantee that the senior receives the help or support they need. And you can help to fill the gap.

7. If a high schooler can do it, so can you! Weatherization has been done by high school kids so don’t be afraid to suggest it to your friends or associates as a group volunteer activity.

8. We would love to see you again! We love returning volunteers, and our seniors love seeing a familiar friendly face!

If you are ready to volunteer to help seniors in Chicago, click the button below to contact us today!

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