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6 Reasons Our Upkeep and Repair Clients Love Us

Posted by Janet Takehara on Sep 12, 2016 10:02:00 AM

H.O.M.E.’s Upkeep and Repair program has been a trusted service for seniors in Chicago since 2000. In the last six years alone, we have provided almost 5,000 repairs to low-income senior homeowners!

Each year, we survey our Upkeep and Repair clients to measure their satisfaction with our services. Here are some of our clients’ responses that tell us (to paraphrase Sally Field) THEY LIKE US, THEY REALLY LIKE US! 

1. “H.O.M.E. is a place I can turn and feel safe, not fearing to let them into my home.”


As reports, almost a third of all victims of home repair fraud in the United States are seniors. Since 2013, 31% of our survey respondents said they had been victims of home repair scams and 43% said they know someone else who had been victimized. We are proud to be known as a trustworthy provider of home maintenance for seniors in Chicago. 

2. “Now, I know who to call for help that I can afford & will do a good job.”


HomeAdvisor also tells us that the average hourly rate of a handyman is $60-65, which does not include cost of materials. H.O.M.E’s clients pay only a $25 service fee and the cost of materials – there is no charge for the labor of our Home Repair Specialists, making our service a far more affordable option for seniors who are living on a fixed income.

3. “I don’t have to walk up and down stairs to get water – I'm safer!”


Over the last five years, 77% of our clients agreed that their home is a healthier and safer place to live since they received services from H.O.M.E.  We prioritize cases that impact health and safety such as electrical problems that pose a fire hazard or repairs such as a plumbing that could lead to major home damage. These repairs help seniors to live safely in their own homes and communities.

4. “I will gladly invite friends over to my lovely home [which] is sparkling, as I am to open my door to friends with pride.”


The effects of isolation can be devastating for seniors (see 20 Facts about Senior Isolation That Will Stun You). 88% of the respondents to this year’s survey were satisfied with the quality of the work our Home Repair Specialists did in their homes and therefore may be more likely to host friends, like the client quoted above. 

5. “I would be in deep trouble without the plumbing done for my kitchen sink and basement.”


53% of this year’s respondents said they would have gone without the needed repairs if H.O.M.E.’s services had not been available. Only 14% of respondents indicated that they would have paid a company to provide the service. These results are especially compelling when you consider that at least half of the repairs performed by H.O.M.E. each year are emergency repairs.

And finally, one of our clients said simply...

6. “I feel like I have hope, somewhere to turn.”


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