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5 Ways You Can Benefit from Volunteering

Posted by Eftiola Trebicka on Apr 22, 2019 1:05:00 PM

Last week was National Volunteer Week! It was an opportunity to celebrate the impact of volunteer service and the power of volunteers to help build stronger communities.

VolunteerVolunteers make our work here at H.O.M.E. possible! Whether they are painting houses, weatherizing windows, cooking meals for our residents, helping plan fundraisers, or cleaning up at our houses, we are truly grateful for each and everything that they do for us!

Did you know that you can benefit from volunteering in a number of ways? Here’s How:

1. You can learn new skills

Looking to pick up some new skills? You can do so by volunteering! Volunteering gives you the opportunity to have new experiences that helps with learning and developing new skills. You can take on tasks and projects that you might otherwise not be able to. For example, are you looking to learn more about event planning and fundraising?  Consider joining our Associates Board.

2. You can make new friends

When you volunteer you meet new people. Volunteering builds social bonds that help with relationship building. Not only are you spending time engaging in an activity with that person, chances are you are also passionate about the cause you’re volunteering for.

3.You can feel happier

Studies show that people who volunteer live longer and are happier overall compared to those that don’t volunteer. Volunteering can also combat stress and reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. Volunteering can even boost your self-esteem.

4. You can feel healthier

Volunteering is good for your mental health and your physical health! Not only can it reduce stress but it can help with heart health and functional abilities. In fact, Studies have shown that people who volunteer have a lower mortality rate than those who don’t volunteer.

5. You can bridge the generational gap and make a difference!

Virginia_Tech_volunteerStudies show that intergenerational volunteer opportunities are especially engaging and impactful for both the volunteer and the people being served. According to Generations United “Intergenerational programs by definition increase cooperation, interaction, and exchange between people of different generations, allowing the sharing of talents and resources, and the supporting of each other in relationships that benefit both the individuals and their community.” Older adults who participate in intergenerational programs report decreased isolation, improved physical health, and appreciation for the help of youth volunteers. Last year after a volunteer group went to paint Mrs. Fambo’s home she told us “having these young people here has elevated my mood, I am blessed”

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