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5 Tips for Traveling with Seniors

Posted by Eftiola Trebicka on Aug 8, 2016 2:29:04 PM

August: The month where at least one e-mail you send any given week will result in an "I’m on vacation" auto-reply.

Receiving this kind of auto-reply tends to trigger  two distinct feelings for me: immense jealousy or excitement for my upcoming trips.

August is a great month for taking a break and traveling with friends and family. It is an especially fantastic opportunity to relax and travel with your senior relatives. Traveling is not only an opportnity for an exciting adventure it is also an opportunity to help foster the intergenerational relationships with the older adults in your life. 

groups1_0010.jpgHere are some tips to keep in mind if you're traveling with seniors.

Double Check with your Doctor - Prior to booking your trip make sure to check with your family member's doctor. Make sure to ask them the important questions such as: is the destination you've chosen appropriate for the senior’s abilities and limitations? Do they need any special vaccinations? Are there medications or supplements to help if anxiety or anything else arises? The more information you have the more prepared you are for our next tip.

Plan, Plan, Plan - When traveling with seniors it's important to think ahead and make plans prior to embarking on your travel adventure. It is important to ensure that prescriptions are filled prior to leaving for your adventures. Additionally you should try to pre-plan your travel with any limitations that your loved one may have in mind. For example, if you are driving or renting a car during your vacation and the senior you are traveling with has mobility issues, rent a car that is accessible and senior-friendly. If you are flying with a senior who has mobility limitations make sure to check in with your airline to let them know and to find out what accommodations they may have. While you're preparing for your travels create a checklist to make the process easier and more organized!

Pack the Essentials and keep them nearby - When traveling with seniors try topack as light as you can. It makes traveling easier to manage and more efficient. While you're traveling make sure to have a bag of extra necessities easily accessible just in case. Items to have with you in that bag include things such as an extra layer of clothing, medications, snacks, and water.  

Create a Routine - Having a plan will help in reducing your loved one’s feelings of stress or anxiety. Having a routine may also help prevent you from over scheduling your day with activities.

Relax and Enjoy - You are on vacation after all, enjoy your time with your loved ones!


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