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Weatherization with Westside Heath Authority and more

Konrad Kessler
Published: December 09, 2016

Westside Health Authority (WHA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated "to the health and well being of the residents of the Austin and Westside communities of Chicago" [see]. Volunteers from their 'Good Neighbor Project', provided by the Senior Case Manager at the Youth Development Center of  WHA, allied with H.O.M.E. to help a senior in the cold winter days.

On Monday, H.O.M.E. provided the materials as well as a weatherization tutorial to the volunteers, who then sealed the windows of the senior's house.

"Ms. Butler was so grateful for the help and the relief from the cold. I have enclosed her note of gratitude and pictures taken of the youth."

--Mrs. Titone, Senior Case Manager of Youth Development Center

windows .jpgwindows 3.jpg

Besides the WHA weatherization program, we had more going on: on Saturday, we had 20 volunteers from Chicago Area Peace Corps Association (CAPCA), a nonprofit community-supporting organization, as well as 8 university students from the Illinois Union Office of Volunteer Programs (OVP). Thanks to all of the volunteers' support, many seniors have a warm home in the cold winter months. It doesn't need many words to describe how things were going that day:

"Saturday was awesome."

--Mrs. Owen, CAPCA volunteer

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