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Volunteer gardeners at Pat Crowley House

Konrad Kessler
Published: July 06, 2017

On a hot Sunday morning at 10am, Vaishali with her friends Shivangi and Swati came to Pat Crowley House to take on the garden and make it more enjoyable for the seniors. Resident Jim, an ambitious hobby gardener who has already planted some flowers, was glad to see the three women and immediately introduced them to all the necessary tools and what to do. The volunteers then ended up weeding most of the garden to prepare it for planting. Seeing them work, senior Myra brewed them coffee and offered them cold water and muffins - "We've got to keep the volunteers happy".


The volunteer gardeners at work.

Joan, who moved into Pat Crowley House not too long ago, provided them company in the garden, sitting on a chair in the sun, reading a book and observing their work. After three hours of weeding, playing music, chatting, dancing and enjoying the nice weather, the volunteers were finished and also a bit tired. Thank you very much for all the work! We hope that you had a good time and we are looking forward to having a blooming garden soon because of your help.

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