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H.O.M.E. and UIC provide classes for seniors

Bethany Dadisman, Mar 28, 2019

During March, the University of Illinois at Chicago held a four-week class on chronic diseases at Pat Crowley House. Residents of the Good Life...

H.O.M.E. welcomes Chicago ad agency SOCIALDEVIANT during Random Acts of Kindness week

Amber Martin, Feb 15, 2019

To celebrate its 7th Anniversary, Chicago-based SOCIALDEVIANT is mobilizing its staff to support Random Acts of Kindness Week, which officially...

H.O.M.E. partnering with Rush to offer health services to low-income homeowners

Bethany Dadisman, Feb 05, 2019

Affordability of housing and housing-related services can directly impact a senior’s health. Through our Upkeep & Repair program, H.O.M.E....

Starbucks is accepting in-kind donations for H.O.M.E. through December 2, 2018

Amber Martin, Nov 29, 2018

We're partnering with Starbucks now through December 2nd!

Aetna Foundation supports wellness programming at H.O.M.E.

Amber Martin, Nov 08, 2018

H.O.M.E. (Housing Opportunities & Maintenance for the Elderly) is thrilled to be the recipient of a $10,000 grant from the Aetna Foundation to...

Statement on the Anti-Semitic Mass Shooting in Pittsburgh

Gail Schechter, Oct 29, 2018

When we think of a home, we think of a peaceful place. Whether that place is the residence in which we care for our families, our house of...

Open House on September 20th!

Gail Schechter, Aug 15, 2018

Dear Friends,

It’s an honor to introduce myself to you as the new Executive Director of H.O.M.E. I am eager to meet you as a devoted supporter,...

Farewell from Bruce Otto

Bruce Otto, Jun 28, 2018

As you may already know, I will be retiring in July. In fact, my last day as Executive Director of H.O.M.E. will be July 17th.

Winter weather hasn't slowed seniors down!

Amber Martin, Feb 16, 2018

The snow and cold can make us feel like not getting out and about too much, but the winter weather hasn't slowed down the seniors living in...

Welcome our new staff member

Judy Smith, Jan 10, 2018

My name is Judy Smith and I am the newly hired Business Development Coordinator at H.O.M.E. I am very excited to be taking on this new role and I...

Welcome to our newest staff member

Bruce Otto, Nov 17, 2017

Please help us welcome LaTanya Pumphrey as our newest staff member!

Special thanks to North Shore Exchange

Amber Martin, Nov 01, 2017

At a reception on October 16, 2017, North Shore Exchange celebrated reaching the $1 million milestone in philanthropic giving. H.O.M.E. is honored...

Support H.O.M.E. with dinner at Chipotle on 10/26/17!

Amber Martin, Oct 19, 2017

H.O.M.E. welcomes our newest intern

Tricia Mullin, Oct 09, 2017

We'd like to introduce Shuying Chen, our newest intern from the University of Chicago - Social Service Administration:

A message from our new Program Director

Tricia Mullin, Sep 25, 2017


Join us at Burnt City Brewing on 9/29/17

Amber Martin, Sep 21, 2017

You can help H.O.M.E. win a $1,000 grant! Join our Young Professionals Board at Burnt City Brewing next Friday for drinks, and vote for H.O.M.E....

Meet H.O.M.E. Board Member Angie Marks

Amber Martin, Aug 22, 2017

Angie Marks joined H.O.M.E.’s Board of Directors last fall. Angie is the Vice President of Real Estate at the Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives...

Hello, Goodbye.

Konrad Kessler, Aug 15, 2017

"It was like yesterday when I picked you up from the airport." I couldn't agree more with Mike, H.O.M.E.'s volunteer coordinator, who was the...

Life at Pat Crowley House

Konrad Kessler, Aug 04, 2017

Last Friday was the last day of H.O.M.E.'s summer intern Emily. A bit sad for the seniors because they were always looking forward to the common...

Youth group volunteer week

Konrad Kessler, Jul 24, 2017

Last week from Monday to Friday, a large volunteer youth group of about 31 members of the  Monroe Congregational Church came all the way from...

Seniors at the Chicago Botanic Garden

Konrad Kessler, Jun 23, 2017

It was the perfect outing weather on Tuesday morning: blue sky, warm and sunny with a little breeze. At 10:00 am, Charlotte, Jean and Myra from ...

Search, Inc. volunteers at Pat Crowley House

Konrad Kessler, May 15, 2017

On Tuesday, we were happy to have the Search, Inc. volunteer group come again to Pat Crowley House. Search, Inc. helps mentally disabled people by...

Easter Brunch and BBQ Bingo

Konrad Kessler, Apr 30, 2017

On the sunny Friday before Easter, the seniors from Pat Crowley House (PCH) got invited to join the residents at Nathalie Salmon House (NSH) for a...

St. Patrick's Day at Pat Crowley House

Konrad Kessler, Mar 23, 2017

On Friday, it was that time of the year again when the dinner table at Pat Crowley House turns green. St. Patrick's Day had come and Jim, one of...

A busy Valentine's Day

Konrad Kessler, Feb 16, 2017

Many people celebrate Valentine's Day as a day of love and friendship. At the Good Life Senior Residence Pat Crowley House (PCH), it was more like...

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