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Special thanks to North Shore Exchange

Amber Martin
Published: November 01, 2017

nse.jpgAt a reception on October 16, 2017, North Shore Exchange celebrated reaching the $1 million milestone in philanthropic giving. H.O.M.E. is honored to be among this year's grant recipients.

North Shore Exchange has been awarding grants made possible through its resale store for four years. This year it awarded $300,000 in grants to fifteen organizations in the Chicago area, bringing its total giving to $1 million. 

Our Executive Director Bruce Otto attended the reception last month to accept a grant award of $19,000 on H.O.M.E.'s behalf.

North Shore Exchange's grant will support our Moving Program for our 2018 fiscal year. We are grateful for the support that will enable low-income seniors to access our moving assistance program.

Seniors like Diana depend on our Moving Program to relocate to decent housing. After her move, she said, "You literally saved my life! I would not have been able to survive under those conditions much longer with the many health problems I have." Read her story here.

Our program offers support throughout the whole moving process, in addition to sliding scale financial assistance for moving costs based on seniors' income. Last year, H.O.M.E. helped 48 seniors move to their new homes. 

Thanks to North Shore Exchange, we will continue to provide these essential services to seniors in the coming year.

"North Shore Exchange is an award winning philanthropic, upscale resale shop that offers an edited collection of luxury and designer women's clothing and accessories, as well as beautiful home furnishings and decor.  With locations in Glencoe and now downtown Chicago, 100% of all profits go to support nonprofit organizations serving children and families at or near the poverty level.  The store was recently awarded the sixth annual James Tyree Emerging Business Award given by the Chicagoland Chamber to an up-and-coming Chicago entrepreneur with philanthropic values." 

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