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Something is coming...

Konrad Kessler
Published: October 06, 2016

Hello everybody!


Another week passed by and again, we had lots of help from volunteers. On Sunday, we were glad to have Wendy as a guest chef once more, who cooked some delicous hamburger soup with vegetables and garlic baguette. We also want to thank Parents Allied with Children and Teachers for Tomorrow  PACTT, Kornel and Michael for coming and keeping the Pat Crowley House safe and clean for our residents.


The Weatherization Program


Talking about housekeeping, I'd like to draw attention to a huge H.O.M.E. project going on the next two months: The Weatherization Program. Together with many volunteers, we help low-income seniors prepare their houses for the cold winter months. For more information and pictures, see here on our homepage and follow us on Facebook.



Do you want to help?


My friends and I want to help weatherize


If you are interested in helping and volunteering with us, especially for the upcoming Weatherization, please feel free to contact either Mike Laz, our main volunteer coordinator, MikeL@homeseniors or his assistant volunteer supervisor, me,Konrad Kessler, KonradK@homeseniors.orgWe are happy about every helping hand we can get.


Take care and see you next week!

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