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Seniors at the Chicago Botanic Garden

Konrad Kessler
Published: June 23, 2017

It was the perfect outing weather on Tuesday morning: blue sky, warm and sunny with a little breeze. At 10:00 am, Charlotte, Jean and Myra from Pat Crowley House jumped in the car and were riding straight to the Chicago Botanic Garden. Crossing the wooden bridge right after the entrance, you could explore a wide range of flowering plants on several islands. Everything was green, colorful and with all the benches to sit and paths to walk you could easily spend your whole day there. The seniors decided to see the water fountain next to the Crescent Garden and then take a look at the plants in the Heritage Garden. After that, it was time for one of the tram tours. Guided by a motivated and joking volunteer, and just in time before it started to drizzle, the residents got driven around the whole property and were given an introduction to all the different gardens and trees. When the tour was over it was still raining, so everyone was heading back to the car to go home where it's warm, dry and safe.


Seniors at the Chicago Botanic Garden in front of the water fountain. From left to right: Charlotte, Jean and Myra. Photo by Emily Frank.

The next day was the monthly Community Night, where all the Good Life residents from Pat Crowley House (PCH) and Nathalie Salmon House (NSH), as well as the staff are invited to come together and hang out, have a nice dinner and celebrate all the seniors' birthdays for this month. Even the family that just moved in to PCH joined, and so did Nikki, the housing coordinator from NSH, together with her husband and their two toddlers. At 5:00 pm, the buffet was opened: grilled and fried chicken, roasted vegetables, dinner rolls, fruit and cake made sure that nobody left hungry. The Bingo session afterwards with sweet prizes from Twix to Lemonheads rounded off the evening. From young to old the residents and staff came together to play, listen to music and hang out in the garden to enjoy the evening.

communitydinner27.jpgThe seniors, housing coordinator Maggie and resident assistants sitting outside in the garden of PCH and playing Bingo. Photo by Emily Frank.

A big thank you goes to all the volunteer guest chefs we've had this weekend: Lisa, Friends of Lindsay and Debbie & George from Chicago Cares. From pistachio crusted chicken, fish tacos and ham casseroles to Mexican cheesecake and homemade fruit tartes, the residents were indulged once again.

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