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Senior outing to the Museum of Contemporary Art

Konrad Kessler
Published: January 13, 2017

On a cloudy, rainy, stay-at-home Tuesday, Charlotte, a senior resident from Pat Crowley House, decided to take part in an outing to the Museum of Contemporary Art. After having lunch at the museum, she enjoyed an exclusive tour through selected pieces of contemporary art. Guided by arts history student Tracy, who is also working as a resident assistant for H.O.M.E., Charlotte was shown the latest exhibitions and Tracy explained them. One of the highlights was a big white cube. In the dark inside, you could watch a film about the intense and thrilling life of photographer Kevin Carter. It was interesting to watch the people before they entered the cube and after they were leaving it. At last, the outing was topped off with a glance at the exhibition 'Basim Magdy: The stars were aligned for a century of new beginnings'.

mca_outing.jpgfrom left to right: Tracy and Charlotte, standing in front of a portrait by German photographer Thomas Ruff

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