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Our handyman at Pat Crowley House

Konrad Kessler
Published: June 08, 2017

What would we do without Kornel? He is a donor and valued friend of H.O.M.E. who has become an indispensable, trusted handyman for our Good Life Senior Residence, Pat Crowley House. Throughout the past three months, he was renovating the apartment on the third floor of the building to get it nice and ready for a small family to move in and share the house with the seniors. From broken outlets, plumbing, wood work and painting to organizing and cleaning the basement, Kornel is the man of choice. He has been coming for over a year now and he's always doing a great job. Thank you for all your hard work, especially for all the renovation and painting!


Kornel jump starts the old, green station wagon that we needed the next day to drive a senior to the hospital.

Last Saturday, our beloved guest chef Anna came again to Pat Crowley House to make lots of food for the seniors. She was cooking from 12:30pm to 4:30pm, preparing warm-up lunches and dinners for that evening and the next two days. She was and is an enormous help, investing a lot of her leisure time and energy in cooking for the residents. We all hope to see you soon again - we're glad and thankful to have you!

Are you looking for a place to volunteer? There are many ways how you can help us: gardening, cooking, be a personal shopper for our seniors, performing (make music, dance, ...) or even bring a 'service animal' like a cat or a dog. Click the button below to find out more:

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