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Two Apps on Elder Care

Amber Martin
Published: February 07, 2011

Elder 411

Elder care made easier with Doctor Marion.
Elder 411 takes Doctor Marion's 35+ years of experience as a geriatric care manager and makes it accessible when and where you need it most. Over 500 pieces of expert advice are organized into 11 eldercare topics providing you with proven solutions to caregiving problems as you encounter them. If you are one of the more than 40 million family caregivers in the U.S. helping take care of an elderly relative, you will undoubtedly benefit from Doctor Marion's insightful and tested solutions which help you face daily challenges with an expert at your side.

 Elder 911

Your personal crisis management guide from Doctor Marion.
You get the call: "Your mother has fallen and is in the hospital. How soon can you get here?" As you rush for the airport, you ask yourself: "What do I do? Who can I call? What do I ask? How do I know? What if they're wrong? What's going to happen?" No one is prepared for this, but now there is a tool to help you and your elder loved one get through it. Elder 911 takes Doctor Marion's 35+ years of experience and puts it in the palm of your hand as you navigate the complexities of transfer trauma, what to ask the doctor, planning hospital discharge and life after the event, plus much more.

Both apps are free. One of the nice features is that each page of tips can be emailed from the app making it easy to share. You can see more here, Presto and Dr. Marion

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