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H.O.M.E. enrolls with the Energy Savers Program

Amber Martin
Published: February 04, 2011

On December 1, several staff members from H.O.M.E. attended a meeting at the Howard Apartment Building in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood to learn about the Energy Savers program, one of the most effective energy efficiency programs in the country. Energy Savers is a project of CNT Energy and the Community Investment Corporation (CIC). The program offers a one-stop shop that helps building owners navigate the complexities of investing in energy efficiency.

In the three years since the program started, Energy Savers has helped local building owners upgrade more than 3,000 housing units, cutting energy costs by 30 percent on average. This saves the average building owner $10,000 per year. The lower utility bills help to keep rents affordable, and the energy saving improvements make apartments more comfortable for tenants. The program also creates jobs for contractors who provide services such as insulation, air sealing, and heating and cooling system repair or replacement.

Since attending the meeting H.O.M.E. has submitted applications for energy audits at all three of our buildings and we look forward to finding out how we can save on our energy costs.

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