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Volunteer groups that are helping seniors stay warm this winter

Amber Martin
Published: December 06, 2010

As the weather is turning cold and winter approaches many seniors who live in older homes with little or no insulation and old windows that don't seal well start to worry about how to keep their heating costs down but also stay warm. H.O.M.E, with the help of many generous volunteers is able to help them with this daunting task by providing and installing window insulation throughout their home.


H.O.M.E uses a high quality, re-usable plastic insulation kit that adheres around the frames of the widows.  This helps in keeping the cold air out, heating costs down and the best part is it can be taken down and reused again for several years if stored properly.

The following groups have helped us so far this year. H.O.M.E. and 17 elderly homeowners who will stay warm this wineter thank everyone who has been involved 


October 16,

Micah’s Porch Community Church provided four volunteers and completed one home.

November 5

The Community Service Committee of Cushman & Wakefield of IL as they have done for several years sent a group of 10 volunteers who completed two homes.






November 6

Chicago Area Peace Corps Association, have been faithful supports of the weatherization program and this year 18 volunteers completed five homes.






November 13

ChicagoBridge, an organization of emerging professional’s in the field of aging provided eight volunteers who completed three homes.

Chicago Urban League, provided seven volunteers who completed one home.









November 20

The Boom Foundation is one of H.O.M.E.'s partners. Their mission is to improve the quality of life for those in their communities who are in the twilight of their lives, through creative fundraising and meaningful interactions. The Foundation had six volunteers who completed two homes.

HealthScape Advisors provided five volunteers who weatherized two homes.

December 3

Ginghamsburg Church, located in Tipp City, Ohio sent eight people who weatherized two homes. 








Please consider joing this group of volunteers so that we can complete our goal of weatherizing 75 homes between October and the Christmas holiday. We can accommodate groups of 4 to 40. Our service area is the city of Chicago, south of North Avenue. We only provide this service to low-income senior home owners. Volunteers can help any day of the week but Saturdays typically work best.

Please contact:

Mike Laz at 773-295-2709 or

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