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Celebrating Older Americans Month: Father Bob

Amber Martin
Published: May 07, 2013


Featured in the Time magazine article "The Push to Ordain Female Priests Gains Ground" from Sept. 25, 2012, Fr. Bob has bravely stood against war and injustice on many fronts for years.My friend Fr. Bob Bossie, SCJ, a long-time Chicago peace activist, risked his job of 30 years for hosting a discussion of equal rights in the church.

Formerly a member of the staff of 8th Day Center for Justice, he recently devoted his time to caring for his ailing brother.

Fr. Bob co-presided at my wedding and at the baptisms of my children. We have marched with him at protests and prayed with him in small, inclusive services. He is an older American who has impacted my life.

                                                                                                 -Kevin Horran-Bussey

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