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Heavy rains and flooding affect seniors

Amber Martin
Published: August 04, 2011

After every heavy rain we get lots of calls from senior homeowners whose basements were flooded and have no hot water because their hot water heated was hit by the flood. Our handymen respond as quickly as possible but right now we have over 200 people on our waiting list, the longest the list has ever been.

Sometimes the heaters can be repaired, other times they have to be replaced. Either way it’s an expensive and time consuming repair. I just looked on-line to see what a plumbing contractor would charge, on average to replace a water heater—it’s about $300. Since we provide our services free of charge we are saving every homeowner at least $300.

Our Upkeep and Repair service is just one of the ways that we help seniors live independently for as long as possible. Wouldn't you agree that maintaining their independence is essential for a senior to enjoy continued heath and well being?

Please consider helping H.O.M.E. care for low-income senior homeowners by making a special gift, you can do that by Clicking Here or mail a check to H.O.M.E., 1419 West Carroll Avenue, FL2, Chicago, IL  60607.

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