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Cub Scouts visit Pat Crowley House

Amber Martin
Published: March 21, 2011

Leaders Stephanie Gross and Kevin Horan-Bussey and several other Cub Scout parents took turn asking Al, Sylvia and Antoinette, residents of Pat Crowley House about their lives when they were growing up. “What did you do for fun?” “Who made dinner?” “How did you get along with your parents, your brothers and sisters?” “How did where you grew up compare to here?”

“I grew up in a neighborhood like this one. I used to love to draw when I was a boy,” said Al, “but I had to give it up when I started working.”  Hearing that, one Scout perked up and asked his father for some paper so he could draw. While the boy was busy drawing, Al remarked, “I see we have an artist among us.”

“I used to jump rope and play with dolls,” said Sylvia. “I got along fine with my parents. I was the oldest of the kids in my family. Where I grew up you couldn’t hardly go out without hoodlums asking you for money. Here I can go out and feel free and safe.”

Ten Cub Scouts participated in the visit to Pat Crowley house as part of a lesson on the importance of family. The Scouts wanted to learn if family life was different or the same many years ago.

Before the visit, parents were asked to remind their son to practice one of Cub Scouting’s 12 Core Values, respect—showing regard for the worth of something or someone.

At the end of the visit the Scouts shared some cookies with the residents. The Scout who had started drawing said to his father, “Did you see? That man noticed I was an artist!”

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