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Loyola Nurses, Guest Chefs and Garfield Park Outing

Konrad Kessler
Published: June 09, 2017

Starting last Friday, a new group of the Loyola nursing students returned for their weekly visits to to Pat Crowley House and Nathalie Salmon House. H.O.M.E. has had the pleasure of working with these student groups for over ten years. They check on the residents' health, give advice about medication and help schedule doctor appointments.

Sunday was a special day for the seniors: Ashish, his wife Pooja and their 16 month old daughter came and brought delicious home made Indian dinner and dessert, including meatballs, Naan, vegetables and rice. The family was warm, open, friendly and everyone loved them, especially the toddler! She just started to talk: one highlight of the evening was when she said 'Thank you' for the first time. For the next several days, the residents were still dreaming about the volunteers and the food. Ashish and Pooja, we were happy to have you and would love to see you again soon!

Guest_Chefs_Ashish_Pooja_PCH.jpgThe guest chefs, the seniors and one of the Resident Assistants together at the dining table, enjoying the food and the company.

Together with the new Good Life resident Leslie from Nathalie Salmon House, Charlotte, Jean and Myra went on an outing to the Garfield Park Conservatory. It was a beautiful Wednesday morning, everything was blooming and the air was full of sweet scents from all the different, colorful flowers. The seniors explored many different, unique plants in their natural climate zone, from jungle to desert. Walking outside in the garden was certainly one of the best parts of the trip, as well as the lunch afterwards.


Good Life seniors at Garfield Park Conservatory. From left to right: Charlotte, Leslie, Jean, Myra and Konrad.

Close to the conservatory, within ten minutes walking distance, there is a place called 'Inspiration Kitchens', which was the final destination of the outing. After having crispy Brussel sprouts, burgers, Gumbo and lemonade, everybody was full, tired and ready to head back home again to enjoy the rest of the day.

Come and share some time with us! Whether you bring your friends and plant flowers, be a guest chef, perform or do grocery shopping for the residents, there are many ways you can help. Please click the button below for more information:

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