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Guest chef and personal trainer at Pat Crowley House

Konrad Kessler
Published: March 09, 2017

There's this saying, "You are what you eat." So we were glad that for dinner on Sunday, our valued and among the residents well-known guest chef Anna Wilson came once again to Pat Crowley House (PCH) to serve something special: baked fish (lemon Codfish, honey mustard Trout and Tilapia) with baked potatoes and brussels sprouts. For dessert, she brought some fresh pastries, including deep-frying dough filled with several creams and sugar cookie variations. No need to say that this meal was again absolutely delicious, and everyone stuffed themselves. Thank you very much, Anna, we are looking forward to having you again some time!

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Seniors working on their arms and shoulders with weights. From left to right: Christine, Vincent and Jean.

On Wednesday morning, the PCH seniors Christine and Jean went through a guided and assisted workout routine, provided by Vince a personal trainer. He has been volunteering with H.O.M.E. for about a year and likes to help out the elderly residents with his skills and knowledge. With the help of some weights, the seniors were working on their whole body, from legs to arms, as well as some balance training. A big thanks to Vincent!

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