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Good Life senior residents get entertained

Konrad Kessler
Published: January 30, 2017

Tuesday was a special day for the Good Life senior residents at the Nathalie Salmon House. At around 2:00 pm, Emily came, brought her guitar and sung for them. Emily is a volunteer who wanted to share some of her time and musical talents with the elderly.

After it was over Emily said, "We had a wonderful time!  A couple people were singing along, one woman was emotionally very connected, and everyone had fun trying to guess which movie some of the older songs came from."

Even the cook was dancing along! Thank you very much, Emily, for brightening the seniors' day and for bringing authentic music into their everyday lives.

Two days later, we've had an outing to the Museum of Science and Industry. Since the museum is enormous and there's plenty of things to discover, the lunch break at noon was very welcome among the residents. After a peanut butter jelly sandwich, an orange and some soda, everyone split up to discover the last bits of the museum. One of the favorite destinations was the chick department, where you could watch chicks hatching out of their eggs. The seniors had a good time and were happy to return back home for dinner after a long day of walking and standing.


Do you want to share some of your time with seniors? Maybe you are an excellent chef who wants to show off some cooking skills? Or a musician like Emily, who'd like to play your latest songs? Whatever you do, you'll have a bigger impact on the seniors' lives than you might think. Check out the link below for more information on how you can help us:

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