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Field Museum Outing

Konrad Kessler, Feb 27, 2017

Friday morning, the sun was shining like it was mid spring, and the seniors at the Good Life residence 'Pat Crowley House' (PCH) got ready for the...

A busy Valentine's Day

Konrad Kessler, Feb 16, 2017

Many people celebrate Valentine's Day as a day of love and friendship. At the Good Life Senior Residence Pat Crowley House (PCH), it was more like...

A week at Pat Crowley House

Konrad Kessler, Feb 09, 2017

The weekend was coming closer and the senior residents at Pat Crowley House (PCH) were looking forward to having Anna as a guest chef for dinner...

Search, Inc. Volunteers at Nathalie Salmon House

Konrad Kessler, Feb 08, 2017

Search, Inc. is a community-based nonprofit organization dedicated to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, helping them ...

-3 to 0 of 4 Items