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Good Life senior residents get entertained

Konrad Kessler, Jan 30, 2017

Tuesday was a special day for the Good Life senior residents at the Nathalie Salmon House. At around 2:00 pm, Emily came, brought her guitar and...

How volunteers help us out

Konrad Kessler, Jan 23, 2017

H.O.M.E. would not be H.O.M.E. without the help of many volunteers. On Saturday, the Good Life senior residents at Nathalie Salmon House enjoyed a...

Senior outing to the Museum of Contemporary Art

Konrad Kessler, Jan 13, 2017

On a cloudy, rainy, stay-at-home Tuesday, Charlotte, a senior resident from Pat Crowley House, decided to take part in an outing to the Museum of...

Renovations to begin at Nathalie Salmon House

Bruce Otto, Jan 11, 2017

H.O.M.E. to begin $1M renovation project to affordable senior building in Rogers Park

Hear what one of the residents says about the work on her...

New Years Brunch with seniors

Konrad Kessler, Jan 05, 2017

Happy New Year everyone!

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