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Meet Konrad and read about his boat ride with Good Life residents

Konrad Kessler
Published: September 02, 2016

Who is Konrad?

Hey there!

My name is Konrad, 21 and I’m from Germany. For the next year I’ll be volunteering at H.O.M.E. as a resident assistant at Pat Crowley House as well as a volunteer supervisor. I arrived two weeks ago in Chicago and already got to see the skyline from the lake!

A boat ride

This Tuesday, our friend and donor Sonya from Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club invited the residents of H.O.M.E.’s Good Life Senior Residences for a boat ride on Lake Michigan.No question that the residents immediately agreed on that kind offer! So on Tuesday morning at 1:00 am, we had a ‘boat load’ of residents ready to enjoy the ride.

Although some of them had never been on a boat and there was some serious shaking as soon as we left Montrose Harbour, everything went fine and the nausea pills stayed inside their package. Thanks to Sonya and her dad everybody had a good time eating some cookies, drinking lemonade and listening to the entertaining and devoted singing of Sonya’s dad.

Despite the foggy weather we had a nice view on the city and after one hour, we left the boat and kept talking about the boat ride even on our way back home.

Thank you...

...Sonya for this nice boat ride! You have whetted the residents’ appetite for more and hopefully, we can do this again some time.

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