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Weekly Volunteer Update

Carla Bieg
Published: July 07, 2016

This week I would like to highlight one of our seasonal volunteer programs; the Painting program.

The painting program is a great way to help low-income seniors in the city beautify the inside of their home and make it safer. The service free for the senior, since it is volunteers, which usually consist of faith-based youth groups, who do the painting as well as supply the paint.

This painting season we are lucky to be working with two youth groups, one being Youthworks. It is our first time partnering with them and we are very excited about having them on board. They have been painting homes of seniors in need since the beginning of June.

The other faith-based youth group we are partnering with, will start their trips to Chicago in late July. Catholic Heart Workcamp has been a long standing partner of H.O.M.E. and we can’t wait to see what they will all get accomplished this summer.

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