Moving Program


For a senior, moving from one home to another is especially stressful. Seniors generally move because a life event has changed their housing needs, such increased healthcare costs, an unaffordable rent increase, substandard conditions, or because they can no longer maneuver in their own home.

Whether they choose to move to more accommodating housing within their own neighborhood (about half the moves), or elsewhere within the city, H.O.M.E. helps to stabilize the lives of low-income seniors through its Moving Program. It is the only program in the City of Chicago to offer moving assistance to low-income seniors.


2019 Moving Stat


H.O.M.E.’s Moving Coordinator makes a senior’s move from one Chicago address to another a smooth experience. The Moving Coordinator schedules the move with vetted commercial moving company and supports seniors before, during, and after the move.

The cost of the move is  underwritten by H.O.M.E. on a sliding scale and free for all low-income seniors.

If you are a senior moving within the City of Chicago, we can make your move a less stressful, more satisfactory experience!


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